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PL1 - 1th laboratory


The aim of the exercise is to make students familiar with the basics of Java technology and programming.


  1. Introduction to the basic structure of Java technology - JRE → JDK
    to explain the term JRE, JDK - what I need for development, what for running
  2. Introduction to the basic structure of Java program

    1. show source file - .java extension,

    2. show the compilation (from the console) and what it will create

    3. running Java program (from console)

  3. Introduction to the selected IDE - depends on the choice of the teacher. Students can use others because the following are installed:

        • eclipse

        • netbeans

        • InteliJ

    1. show startup, workspace, new project, new class.

    2. project structure

    3. import projects into workspace.

  4. Object creation – Rectangle, Triangle, Eclipse, Arc. Object manipulation.

  5. Show possibility to start program in IDE, debuging, stop on specific line,  steps.

  6. local variable, block of code


Home work

Create program that create two figures as is: house, car, tree, piggy, mountain, sun, pacman….

Create it individually. Team work will be assessed summary and distributed among members.